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"Freshness, Quality, and impeccable customer service are always our goal."

No matter what is on your list, you are at the top of Bargain Centre Supermarket’s list to save money.  We give you the tools you need to get the most for your budget on groceries, household goods and all other merchandise.  Bargain Centre Supermarket has invested in special programs to ensure that you get the maximum savings.  We now have Frequent Shopper’s Card that earns points every single time you shop.  The points are redeemed at Bargain Centre Supermarket for free groceries and other commodities, so what are you waiting for?  Sign up right now!

Bargain Centre Supermarket also offers Gift Vouchers in addition to Regular Discounts.  Buying in Bulk will further help you increase savings at Bargain Centre Supermarket.

Frequent Shopper’s Card

Bargain Centre Supermarket values your business, and wants to increase your savings.  We are excited to introduce Bargain Centre Frequent Shopper’s card!  With our Frequent Shopper’s Card, you accumulate points with each purchase.  The points are redeemed for free groceries or any other item in the supermarket.  What are you waiting for?  Get your FREE card now!

Gift Vouchers (Cards)

When away from your loved ones, you want the option to provide for them without necessarily sending money.  A perfect way to contribute to your friends and family weekly, biweekly or monthly shopping needs is to acquire a Bargain Centre Supermarket Gift voucher.  Since the vouchers can only be redeemed at Bargain Centre Supermarket, you are assured that your money is spent on the right things…groceries.  Wherever you are in the Diaspora, USA, Canada, Britain, France use our online voucher program to care for your loved ones.
The Gift Vouchers are delivered instantaneously…Buy a gift voucher now!

Other Savings

Bargain Centre Supermarket understands the power of bulk buying.  We have reduced prices on bulk items to save you more money.  Bulk buying has obvious benefits:

  • Save money as bulk prices are priced less
  • Lower fuel costs by reducing the number of trips to the supermarket
  • Save time
  • Convenience
  • Increase flexibility of quantity selection

Smart shoppers band together and pool resources to get the most out of bulk buying.  Are you a smart shopper?

From time to time Bargain Centre Supermarket has current sales on selected items.  Sign up for e-mail alerts to reap maximum benefits from the system. 


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